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Services We Provide To All Clients

NYC Construction Superindenents, LLC.

Daily Site Inspections & Log Book

Our licensed construction superintendents visit and inspect each job site daily and complete and sign the required DOB log book.

Direct Communication

Direct Communication

We will be in constant contact with each client to provide updates, photos, reports, etc. on an as needed basis.

Site Safety Compliance

Site Safety Compliance

Safety is our top priority. Our supers will ensure that the job site is in full compliance with all New York City building codes & OSHA regulations.

Approved Plans Compliance

Approved Plans Compliance

Our construction superintendents will ensure that all work is in accordance with the approved plans and Chapter 33 of the New York City building code.


Competent Person Designation Letter

We provide the signed and notarized competent person letter as required by the DOB.

Site Visit Representation

Site Visit Representation

In the event of a DOB reinspection, our construction superintendents will be on site to meet with the inspector on our clients’ behalf.


DOB Monitoring

We monitor your job on the DOB website to determine if any complaints were made. This allows us to take corrective action before the DOB inspector can visit the site and potentially issue a violation.

Quallity Control

Quality Control

Our supers have the skills to identify contractor mistakes and issues before they turn into larger problems that can no longer be detected. We act as your eyes and ears on the job in order to keep your job running smoothly and with as few disruptions as possible. 

Site Document Verification

Site Document Verification

Our licensed superintendents will ensure that all permits (DOB, DOT, FDNY, DEP) and licenses have been obtained, are current, and on site. We will also verify that all workers have their required OSHA training credentials.


Value Pricing

We pledge to work within your budget and deliver quality results.

Jobsite Info Center

Job Site Safety and Information Center

We will arrange an organized area to clearly display permits, plans, site safety plan, superintendent’s logbook, signage, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, eyewash station, air horn, etc. This ensures that the DOB inspector will easily find all the information he needs upon arrival to your site.

Spanish Speaking

Bilingual Superintendents

Many of our supers are fluent in English and Spanish. This is crucial in eliminating miscommunications with Spanish speaking workers.


Sol Gluck

G Builders Management Corp.

“Thorough, knowledgeable and reliable from beginning to end. They are on top of their game. I defiantly recommend NYC Construction supers to anyone looking for a good superintendent. They do their job right and keep my job sites running smoothly. I no longer fear surprise visits from the DOB inspectors. Our sites are ready for them!!”

Michael Kinney

BDG Construction Corp.

“Steve and his team at NYC Construction Superintendents have been wonderful to work with. Their knowledge of the industry and experience with building and safety code has been remarkable. They have consistently been quick, responsive, and extremely reliable. I highly recommend them to any of my colleague and plan on using them again on our next project.”

Ioannis Glyptis

Atlas Developers Corp.

“I hired NYC Construction Supers after receiving a stop work order on a mixed use / multi - unit project on which I was both the GC and superintendent. Our new NYC constuction super was the key to getting it rescinded and back on track. He was cooperative, helpful, and knowledgeable. He spoke English and Spanish which was very helpful with my workers. Because of NYC Construction Supers, I can now focus my efforts on my GC duties and leave the superintendent work to them.”

Clement Choua MD.


“NYC Construction Supers are true professionals. From start to finish they were my eyes and ears on the job which made the construction process so simple. I used them on my first project, and will definitely use them on my next one.”

Derek Dion

SLG Construction.

“NYC Construction Superintendents possesses all safety knowledge required to keep your project safe and operating within compliance. Daily job site visits and attention to detail in working safe, code compliance, OSHA requirements, reporting & maintaining required documentation is outstanding. I would recommend NYC Construction Superintendents without question.”

Stephen Elbaz

Esquire Management Corp.

“I have used NYC Construction superintendents on two jobs ( one commercial and one mixed use) with excellent results. They helped me navigate the complex maze of new DOB regulations and have given the owners a level of comfort that work is being preformed in a safe manner and according to code. I am happy to recommend them.”