Construction Superintendents in New York

NYC Construction Superintendents, LLC, offers construction superintendents for hire in New York, NY. With our company you can manage your site and ensure complete compliance with NYC regulations. 

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DOB Compliant Services

Construction sites are subject to countless regulations and random inspections. Our team of construction superintendents work closely with you to ensure 100% compliance with all NYC regulations. We understand the law thoroughly and how to best implement it without a loss of time, down for money and efficiency.


Our superintendents complete a variety of tasks to keep you in 100% compliance, including:

· Daily site visits

· Thorough inspection of premises

· Record and maintain log books daily on site

· Visit the Department of Buildings (DOB) as needed

· Manage fewer than 10 projects


Learn About Our Quality Assurance

Our construction superintendents have years of experience in all trades and phases of construction. We use this to ensure that your final product is of the highest quality. Our superintendents know when contractor mistakes have been made, and identify them early to limit the issues they cause.


We work to be your eyes and ears on the construction site to bring you any information that you need, and to ensure that the construction process goes as smoothly as possible.

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NYC Construction Superintendents, LLC, brings our experienced team of construction superintendents all over New York. We are dedicated to safe and efficient construction sites that produce quality results.

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