We keep your job 100% compliant with the DOB Super Ordinance


Daily Site Visits

Our superintendents will visit their sites daily to help ensure 100% compliance.

Keep and sign all required logs

Our supers fill out their required daily work logs to help prevent costly stop work orders.

Visit DOB when necessary

Our supers will visit the DOB on an as needed basis. 

Be on site at request of DOB

Our supers live and work near their sites. This makes it easy for them to be on site quickly at the inspector's request.

Have only 10 projects on their license

Each of our superintendents will always have less than 10 projects on his or her license. This will help prevent jobs from immediately being shut down. 

We keep people and property safe


OSHA Certified ( Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

Our supers have the latest OSHA training and certifications to help assure job site safety. 

NYC DOB Site Safety Certified

Our supers have completed the required NYC DOB training & certifications to help guarantee 100% compliance. 

Daily Safety Inspections

Our supers are trained to inspect every area of the job site daily to help correct unsafe conditions that have been overlooked by your contractor. 

Direct Communication

Our supers are in direct communication with your contractor. They send regular photos and texts identifying unsafe conditions to help maintain job site safety and help prevent accidents and injuries.

Quality Control Assurance



Our supers have years of experience and a vast knowledge of all trades and phases of construction.  

Attention & Focus

Our supers' primary focus is on quality work. They have the skills to identify contractor mistakes and issues before they turn into larger problems that can no longer be detected.


Our supers act as your eyes and ears on the job.  Their goal is to keep your job running smoothly and with as few disruptions as possible.